Huskee Keep Cup

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It seems a shame to be drinking your freshly brewed bean water out of that stained old mug from the back of the cupboard, you know. 

Well, it's time to fill that stained old thing with soil and plant a gosh darn houseplant in it because your cup game is about to get a massive upgrade, my friend...

Not only does this thing look stunning, keeps the beverage hot for ages, it's ribbed for everyones pleasure AND it's made from recycled coffee bean husks!

Those coffee bean husks are normally dashed to one side, forgotten by the coffee farmer and left to rot. Well, good people, no more waste! Huskee buy those husks and repurpose them into these beautiful cups, thus helping to change the world in their own little way.

Also, they have a lid so you can wander around a field with your hot beverage, smug in the knowledge nothing will be spilled thanks to your astute cup purchasing decisions!