Crow Spotter Coffee

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150 grams of the finest Crow Spotter blend in a handmade, re-usable, up-cycled tin. Keeps your coffee tasting fresh and your cupboards looking fresher.

Sweet, fruity and deliciously drinkable: Punchy summer berries from Rwanda and a hint of Guatemalan dark chocolate married over smooth Colombian caramels.

We put together this blend with love and care alongside our friend Robyn at Forest Edge Roasting. We are proud of what we came up with and would love to share it with you.

Available whole bean or ground.

The original Crow Spotter blend ☮︎

Note - every tin is handmade to order and will keep your coffee fresher for longer than storing it in bags. As these are up-cycled aluminium tins, some sharp edges may remain and as we are only human being (not packaging robots) the finish on each may vary. Please reach out to us on our social media channels with any questions.