To us, a cafe is much more than a cup of coffee and piece of cake.

Ultimately, it's a break from the stresses of modern life. Somewhere to relax, treat yourself and connect with other humans in a welcoming environment.

With that in mind, we run our cafe following this little "code of ethics" - so you can fully relax, knowing we've taken care of everything. From sustainability to health to supporting local, we've made sure every aspect of the cafe is how it should be - for everybody involved.


We have two main local coffee suppliers (roasters) and contacts at other roasteries around the UK for when we fancy something a bit different. 

There were several factors we considered when choosing our coffee. Having worked in the industry for a combined six years, we know that it's not simply about a great tasting cup - the modern coffee aficionado wants their beans roasted locally, sourced sustainably and prepared to specific recipes. 

Luckily, we managed to find two suppliers that ticked every one of our boxes, so that you can relax knowing your coffee is as low impact as it is outstanding flavour. 

  • All of our coffee is roasted in Dorset and has as small a supply chain as possible: Country of Origin -> Wholesaler -> Roastery -> Crow Spotter Cafe. This means we aren't transporting goods over long distances in order to cut costs (and potentially hurt the planet). 
  • We can source every one of the beans used in our blends back to the farms they were grown on, as our supply chain is logistically transparent. This means we can ensure everybody along the chain is getting a fair deal.
  • Every roast & blend we use is Certified Speciality. This means it has been scored 80+ out of 100 by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) who take into consideration things like environmental impact and fair wages as well as the resultant flavours.  

Find out more about our wonderful coffee roasters - Wimborne Coffee Roasters & Forest Edge Roasting

Baked Stuff

If you're gonna treat yourself to something slightly more sugary than a courgette salad, then you wanna make sure it's the best, right? 

In fact we'd go as far to say that when that cinnamon bun really hits the spot it's as good for the soul as the salad might be for your waistline...

Bakehouse24 supply all of our sweet treats and we are very grateful they do, as we can all relax in the knowledge that:

  • Everything is handmade every day in their Ringwood Bakery. In our opinion, handmade baked goods seem to hit differently than the factory made ones, but we're awaiting the scientific paper explaining exactly why!
  • We can cover a range of dietary requirements, including Gluten Free and Vegan. 
  • George helps Bakehouse with their deliveries and can vouch for the fact they are a team of genuinely great people!

Find out more about the wonderful BH24 setup here.

Environmental Impact

It's very important to us to make sure we impact the planet as positively as possible while conducting business. This means we must strive to reduce the negative impacts where we can - particularly when it comes to the environment.

  • Our house coffee blend and other guest filter blends are delivered in reusable 5KG tubs - meaning we don't use any single use packaging.
  • Our milk is delivered in refillable 5L tubs - again, no plastic milk bottle waste. 
  • Our baked goods are delivered in cardboard packaging.
  • Our Hot Chocolate is in paper-based packaging and we use refillable Kilner jars. 
  • Our only (recyclable) waste is our plant milk bottles - if anybody wants to work with us on homemade Barista plant milks please get in touch!!
  • Our coffee cups are made from the repurposed husks of coffee beans.
  • Over 75% of the equipment/crockery used in the cafe was acquired second-hand.
  • We both cycle to and from work when it's not raining too hard!

Health & Wellness

We wanted to briefly discuss this topic here as it's something we talk about a lot between the two of us, and health and wellness were very important topics when setting up our cafe. 

We believe wellness is completely unique to every individual. For some - unwinding at the end of the week with a few beers keeps them well; for others, going tee-total and running up a mountain once a week does a similar trick.

However, something we can say with absolute confidence is that Human Connection is a key component of wellness that is shared among everyone on the planet. We are social beings after all, and connecting with each other is at the very core of our cafe's ethics. 

What we are trying to say is that whether you're a weekend lager drinker, a protein fuelled gym buff or a flexible yogi or anywhere in between - we can offer our contribution to your wellness in the form of connection.

Overall, we hope that if you choose to visit us you can have a completely relaxing time, safe in the knowledge we've already worried about all of the above!!