About Us

Founded in June 2020, Crow Spotter has grown from an early “lockdown project” into a thriving café business. We established the brand with a few core values and today they influence everything we do – from the way we source our coffee beans to the way we prepare our food and everything in between.

These values revolve around the core principles of conscious, natural living. We believe humans function optimally when we live in tune with the seasons, in harmony with our fellow beings and with the freedom to express our true selves.

Our  values

In practice, we work to a “code of ethics” – meaning you can fully relax, knowing we are looking after the planet, our local community and your heath while you are with us! For now, you should know that every supplier we use is as local as possible, our supply chains are as small as we can get them and we are completely transparent about every step. When it comes to health and nutrition, we only use the best – seasonal & local produce with a focus on organic certification and proper preparation.

Our  Founders

Brothers, George (left) and Will (middle) originally hail from Poynton, Cheshire and moved down to the coast around 8 years ago. Having worked in the hospitality industry on and off since high school, they have grown to love good quality food, drink & service and in particular the community that flowers out of hospitality.

Will is a passionate home chef and lover of pasta, red wine and Manchester United. At Crow Spotter he is in charge of menu development – but is more at home out on “the dancefloor” taking orders, making coffees and chatting up the regulars.

George has worked in speciality coffee all over the world – cutting his teeth in the coffee capital of Melbourne Australia before becoming General Manager of a popular buzzy East London shop. Here he is in charge of coffee sourcing, tasting, and developing the rare ability to drink 3 coffees and still have a nap in the afternoons.

Together they have big plans to expand their café into multiple sites, travel to festivals and maybe even get their faces on a t-shirt one day. But for now, The Retreat is home to their Headquarters and the lads can be found slinging flat whites there every day for the foreseeable!