DMA's - The Glow

15 Seconds of Magic

1:48 - 2:03 - Track 3 - Silver

Probably our favourite song off the album with a great chorus, a complete 90's throwback and the lead vocal is real passion (if a little nasally, haha...)

Favourite track

Track 3 - Silver

This was actually quite a hard decision... because they're all pretty average 😅 this one does stand out though as a well rounded tune that builds up well towards the end and does capture something cool without being complete pop-rock like some of the others.

Favourite Lyric

Part 1

Learning Alive - Track 7

Okay this tune has some stunning lyric work, and while we didn't massively enjoy the album as a whole, some of the word-smithing is really really good.

For example in this track we get three different versions of the same lyric:

"Tomorrow is alive but it's broken"

"Tomorrow is alive but it's spoken"

"Tomorrow is alive but it's open"...

It's subtle, but DMA's do a great job of conveying how one's mindset affects everything... here pointing out how tomorrow's possibilities change with your perception of them. 

Part 2

Learning Alive - Track 7

We had to include this couplet of lyrics as it's so poetic:

"The colours of this life and the river it winds...

Tomorrow is alive and it's spoken"

That's almost biblical in our book!

Caught me in the feels

Track 11 - Cobracaine

We've chosen this one because it ends the album on this hazy comedown-like piano which reminds us of leaving a rave in the early hours as the sun comes up and right now we miss that :(

When to Listen

Honestly, ended up listening while doing mundane chores like washing the dishes haha... it's nice background music.

Overall score & Summary


It's alright... but without sounding too wanky... their earlier stuff is better!