Oasis - Definitely Maybe

15 Seconds of Magic

0:00 - 0:15 - Rock n' Roll Star

Bear in mind this is the first track from Oasis' first album. Which means this is kind of the first 15 seconds of music the band released. What a way to announce your arrival on the scene, eh?

Favourite track

Track 10 - Slide Away

This is one of our favourite tunes ever, full stop. It's ultimate Oasis - stunning vocals from Liam over the top of powerfully simple guitar work, but what sets it apart is the way it manages to touch lofty heights that few bands/musicians are able to get to... how high can you get? It's that universal feeling of being in love and needing that love to lift you to where you want to be, which for Liam, is limitless...

Favourite Lyric

Track 3 - Live Forever

"Maybe, I don't really wanna know...

How your garden grows...

Cos' I just wanna fly..."

What's more rock n' roll than binning off the mundane gardening conversations in order to seek something higher? It's such a classic line from such a classic tune.

Caught me in the feels

Track 11 - Married with Children

This is such an underrated Oasis song. It's one of the few they wrote that really tugs on the heartstrings, one of those odd moments of vulnerability where you can really feel these lads did not want to grow up, grow old, grow boring... Not only that but it's about loving somebody still after years and years go by, what does that love become? Is it always destined to go stale? This song points to the complexity of the human condition - the need for stability but the lust for more...

When to Listen

All day every day

Or specifically, on a train with a 4 pack of lagers on the way to something magic

Overall score & Summary


Just because there's no such thing as a 10.